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1:Face Charity Watch
Hey guys!

So I was recently contacted by a company called 1:Face Watch asking if I could help them promote and review their site/products. Now usually I wouldn’t do this, but once I viewed their website and their mission statement… I was blown away by the idea. So they sent me a watch to review and to give my own honest options: first thing I should mention is, 1:Face Watch is a charity organisation, and their ideas are just… inspiring!

Of course the money from their products go to charity, but the way they go about explaining where and how the money effects the charities is just… wonderful!

So 1:Face Watch, sell beautiful watches, each with their own charity, each with their own cause. The watches are each coloured depending on the charity you want to help, the screens are made of tempered glass and they are water resistant.

When I received my watch I wasn’t expecting it to be as beautiful as it was! I love my modern technology, so the mirrored “hidden” watch face effect was perfect for me!

Now onto the important part! The charities! Or even, the colours!

As I said, each watch has it’s own charity and cause, for example; Orange is for Animals re-housing, red is for Aids treatment, Yellow is for education, White is for providing fresh clean water to those most in need, and many more. I chose the blue watch, which is for the environment.

What blew me away most of all is the wonderful way 1:Face Watch have added exactly how these watches help the charities: the sale of each watch has been equated to the amount of help that the sales gives each charity! So this means that if for example, 4 people purchased my blue environment watch, the charity would be able to afford to provide a charcoal efficient stove!

I love this so much! How wonderful is it, not only to be donating to a charity, but also to find out exactly how much you are contributing/helping!

Just to give a few more wonderful examples: 1 Red watch provides aids treatment for 4 patients!! 1 Yellow watch helps find an animal a loving home! One black watch provides support for 8 cancer patients! I've included a photo below of a selection of their watches and their respective charities :) Aren't they fab!?

I hope you can see why I chose to help this company, it is such a perfect thing they are doing, and such a wonderful way to help bring charities to light to a modern society… I hope you guys can check them out, they are truly wonderful and deserve as much attention as they can get.

I’ll pop their website and face book page below so you guys can check them out, please do, they really are worth it and are really genuinely trying to make a difference in the world. Each sale helps in ways you can’t imagine.
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Thanks for reading guys!

-Huge hugs and a massive thank you to 1:Face Watch face for their awesome work with each charity!-


October 12th 2014: